Textual Markers

Incipit and explicit
There is no incipit for this edition. The explicit simply reads“finis.”

Colophon Size and format
Colophon includes “copyright” 1902 and the wording “(for designs) by GP Putnam’s Sons” within the image of a dragonfly. Printed in America, Brownings’ work was not subject o English copyright laws, it is possible that the colophon was actually copyrighting the designs of Armstrong.

Collation Paper & Watermarks
This title does not have a specific collation standard, however, each poem is given a roman numeral, and the text can be searched via this system. There are no watermarks.

Foliation is achieved through a parallel fold meaning that the fold is “parallel to others, and the sheet can be easily unfolded into a long strip.” Simon. The sheets are then sliced at the folds to create individual pages. Pages themselves are not paginated although each poem is given a roman numeral making searches easy.

There does not appear to be any method of rubrication within this edition.